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Comfort Cap Service Project

In 2005 a guild member and breast cancer survivor suggested the guild begin making “chemo comfort” caps. We have been making and donating the special caps for over 15 years. We donate over 130 caps a year.


What is a “chemo comfort cap”? It a soft cap to be worn while going through the difficult process of chemotherapy. Hair loss is often a side effect of chemotherapy. The colorful caps provide a level of dignity during this trying time.


The caps are made of 100% cotton fabric that has been prewashed with fragrance-free detergent and dried without fabric softeners. It is important that the caps are free of any chemicals that could irritate a sensitive scalp. Each cap is then individually packaged and ready to be presented to a cancer patient. Members can make the caps from their own fabric or use the kits provided by the guild. Directions for making the caps are available by visiting the YouTube link below. There is a short demonstration by a guild member. The guild will have a special “sit and sew” day where members gather to work on cutting and sewing more of the caps.


The finished caps are donated to local outpatient transfusion centers at UPMC Pinnacle West- Ortenzio Cancer Center, UPMC Pinnacle East - Community General Osteopathic Hospital and Penn State Hershey Cancer Center.


Based on the many “thank you” notes we have received from the cancer patients; the chemo comfort caps are greatly appreciated. Some cancer survivors have made donations to the guild to be sure we are able to continue offering these special caps to others in need of them.



Chemo Cap Tutorial: Chemo Cap Tutorial - YouTube


National Breast Cancer Foundation:

Information, Awareness & Donations - National Breast Cancer Foundation

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