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Duffle Bags Service Project

Duffle bags for Foster Children was started many years ago by Shirley Hornung, and is currently chaired by Donna Moore.


Donna and a group of volunteers make up kits that include all the materials needed to make the bags - fabric (primarily denim) for the bag itself, an embroidered or appliqued piece of coordinating fabric for an outside pocket, the required tie strings, and, of course, the instructions needed to complete the bag.

Guild members can sign out a kit at a guild meeting and sign it back in when the bag is finished. Demonstrations are available to help those who have never made the bags. Completed bags are delivered periodically to Merakey, a not-for-profit agency in Harrisburg with an active foster care program. Each year we strive to deliver at least 100 bags.



Click to learn more a about Merekay: Foster Care | Services | Merakey (USA)

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